DZ Newspaper 2003

Press Evgeny Romantsov DZ newspaper 2003

The love was presented partly tender and soft, partly with powerful desperation as 90 people gathered in the town-hall – a place where usually agendas are discussed - to indulge in a passionate concert on Saturday evening

The russian guitarrist Evgeny Romantsov attracted the attention with a special combination: In the context of his study at the university of music and theatre in Munich he had discovered the completely infamous russian composer Michail Wyssotzki, born in Moskau (1791-1837) and come to admire his works.

The particular connection between artist and composer could be felt and heard not only in the fact that Romantsov gave a short speech before each of the small guitar solos 'Mazurka' 'Elegia' and 'Fantasia'. The 23 year-old international award-winner also impressed with his perceptive, accurate and virtuous performance, in which the emotions nearly spilled over ...

Article by : Stefanie Weigl - Special Thanks to Daniel Williamson for his Translation