Fidibus Newspaper 2002

Press Evgeny Romantsov Fidibus newspaper 2002

Terrific Tones

The 22 year old Evgeny Romantsov, born in St Petersburg, discovered his passion for the guitar at the early age of six. Since he is 17, he has been studying Music and Theatre first in his homeland, later in Leipzig and for the last 3 years also in Munich.

He draws quiet, harmonious melodies from his guitar with much feeling and skill, the notes dispersing airily across the silence in the hall. Everyone who has played the guitar before can anticipate which skill the seemingly effortless performance requires – from works of Fernando Sor over Bach to the almost forgotten Wyssotzki.

Romantsov disproves the dusty image of classic music with his casual and honest manner as well as the many small stories and jokes between the pieces. It was an unusual concert, after which you go home with a pleasant chearfulness.

Special Thanks to Daniel Williamson for his Translation