Sketches of Venice (2000)

Instrumental Music - Unofficial Release

Composed and performed by Evgeny Romantsov

01 - Gondola for two (Harpsichord Version)       sample

02 - On the stairway to the cathedral       sample

03 - The two lanterns (Solo on the piano)

04 - A little girl dreams about Vivaldi       sample

05 - The Last Cafe       sample

06 - Nocturne a la Chopin (Solo on the piano)

07 - Gondola for two (Piano Version)

08 - The Two Lanterns - The polyphony of your Lips (Instrumental Version)       sample

09 - Doves on your hands - San Marco

10 - The Death in Venice

11 - The two sea gulls - The quiet water

12 - The Two Lanterns (Main theme - Solo on the piano)

13 - The cemetary of San Michele

sample       these tracks have a sample of 20 to 30 seconds

All music composed and arranged by : Evgeny Romantsov
All solos on the piano by E. Romantsov

Recorded in spring of 2000 by E. Romantsov in his own studio, Munich
Track 3,6,12 recorded in 2000 on the digital Yamaha piano by A.Stöhr in his own Studio in Taufkirchen
Recording Engineers: E. Romantsov, A.Stöhr
Cover Design: Alik Baranov, Cover Foto: Natalja Baranova

Copyright: Evgeny Romantsov, 2000

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