She combs her Hair (Sie kämmt ihr Haar) (2006)

Evgeny Romantsov - Paul Celan's Poetry

Performed by Evgeny Romantsov and Eva Thaller

Paul Celan's Lyrics - Music by Evgeny Romantsov

Today, Paul Celan indisputably counts to the greatest German-speaking catastrophic lyric writers of the 20th century. Franz Kafka's work and among it fragments of lyrics, decisively influenced his poetic style. After his success with the music to Kafka's lyrics, Evgeny Romantsov now explores the doubtlessly diverse structural connections between the two poets with his new cycle of songs.

01 - She combs her Hair - Vocal - For her Hair

02 - The one who counted the hours for us

03 - The Wine Growers

04 - The years from me to you (Again your Hair Billows when I Cry)

Original Music by : Evgeny Romantsov

Eva Thaller - Soprano, Evgeny Romantsov - Guitar

Recorded: August 15, 2006, Pradribalsky Records
Sound Engineering, Cover : Alexandr Baranov
BA -CD 0072

She Combs Her Hair