Assorted Compositions by the russian master Michail T.Wyssotzki (1791-1837)

"For All, Who Love The Guitar" Vol. 3


01 - Prelude in a-minor

02 - Prelude in d-minor

03 - Variations on the russian folk song "Oh how I love them, the pears from the gardens"

04 - Variations on the russian folk song "When I met you"

05 - Variations on the russian folk song "O thou my mother, my head is aching"

06 - Prelude in e-minor

Transcribed according to the original edition for six string guitar by : Evgeny Romantsov

Musical layout and editing: Hans Selmeier
Publisher: Verlag Wilma Ziegler M√ľnchen (Wilma Ziegler publishing company)
ISMN: M700189-04-4

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Compositions by Michail T.Wyssotzki 3