Evgeny Romantsov's Biography

  • Evgeny Romantsov was born on the May 24th, 1979 in St. Petersburg.
  • He took his first Guitar lesson at the age of 6.
  • In May of 1996 he successfully passed his first music exam on the Music School in St. Petersburg with top marks.
  • In 1992 and 1996 he received awards at International Guitar Contests for young guitarists in St. Petersburg obtaining a 3rd grade diploma, and an International Guitar Contest in Gdansk Poland, diploma 2nd grade).
  • 1991-1997: Constant participation at several broadcast and television recordings in Russia and Poland playing his classic guitar and with his own compositions. With these recordings he made an unique contribution to the general Popularity of the classic Guitar primarily in St. Petersburg already at a very young Age.
  • 1993: Tour to the USA/successful Concerts in Ohio.
  • 1996: Study at the main subject guitar at the National Culture Academy in St. Petersburg.
  • 1997-1999: Study at the Felix Mendelson-Bartholdy University for Music and Theatre in Leipzig with Roger Zimmermann and Carlo Marchione.
  • Besides playing solo concerts, he played as a soloist with different Symphony Orchestras some of which are listed below:
  • 1999: With the National Youth Orchestra of Sachsen conducted by Reinhard Seehafer at the "Mittelland" Music Festival in Barleben.
  • 1999: He continued his study at the Academy for Music and Theatre in Munich with Mathias Kläger and Christoph Eglhuber.
  • 2001: Artistic Diploma-exam in the Study of Guitar at the Academy of Music and Theatre in Munich (due to his achievements in his main subject Guitar, he was certified to attend another advanced study at the Academy for Music and Theatre, Munich)
  • 2001-2003: Further advanced course with legendary Barbara Probst Polasek at the Academy for Music and Theatre Munich.
    Evgeny Romantsov: "She is an incomparable Lady of the Guitar and she was a really fantastic educator for me:with extraordinary knowledge, a marvelous sense of humor and finally, with a very fresh musical feeling. All these wonderful qualities served only for the great and truthful sense of the composition and the Music, not for the cheap and easy success of technical virtuosity. This is the level of interpretation that I try to keep throughout the years, regardless of whether I interpret the Chaconne by Bach or Joplin's "Entertainer"."
  • 2003: Concert Diploma in the Study of Guitar at the Academy of Music and Theater in Munich ("due to his special artistic achievements").
  • Since the year 2000 he dedicates himself to the editing and CD production of a fantastic and unfortunately forgotten composer named M. T. Wyssotzki who composed for classic Guitar in the first half of the 19th century.
  • 2001: "For all who love the guitar" CD and 3 music books publications of the ingenious Compositions with the "Ziegler Publishing Company", Munich. With these unique Editions, his numerous concert activities, as well as some historical publications he revived the unfortunately forgotten Masterworks of the great Russian Composer, whose works became a legacy of the classical Guitar immediately after their release.
  • 2002: Further CD publications in co-operation with the author A. Kostinskij with the St. Michaels Federation, Munich.
    Frequent musical accompaniment of the literary Events and at the "Lesetraum" Bookshop organized by the St. Michaels Federation, Munich.
  • Served as a lecturer several times for master courses throughout Germany together with such Musicians and Teachers as Carlo Marchione, Roger Zimmermann, Prof. Thomas Müller Peringand many others.
  • His other musical activities include publications about the history of the classic guitar: (among others he wrote for "Gitare und Laute" and "Zupfmusikmagazin").
  • His concert activity extends all over Germany and even some of its neighbour countries.
  • His repertoire includes pieces of all styles and ages.
  • Apart from his solo performances, he also accompanies authors, poets and actors during their readings. He accompanied the readings of such authors as Alexander Kostinskij, Siegfried Obermeier, Robert Hülthner, Dr. Erich Jooß, Günther Hultsch mentioning only few. After a reading from Alfons Schweiggert, he took up a new and a very difficult challenge and was given the contract to compose the score to accompany the poetry of Franz Kafka. The recording session is due in the winter of 2006 with a release of the CD "Kleine Seele springst im Tanze" in the following spring with the St. Michaels Federation, Munich.
  • He also participated several times at the famous "Book Fair" in Leipzig("Leipziger Buchmesse") and at "Hamburg reads" ("Hamburg Liest") literary events.
  • With his unique art of improvisation on the guitar and piano he is always welcomed as a special guest at the Exhibitions of the best painters and artists from Munich and its region.
  • In addition to that, he is active in various educational programmes. Despite his many performances and his young age, he has managed to teach hundreds of people in the whole world and pass on to them his knowledge and understanding for beautiful music.
  • Since autumn he is leading a guitar class at the "Volkshochschule" in Oberschleissheim.
  • Since September 2003 he is the lecturer for classic Guitar at the "Volkshochschule" Munich.
  • He is a fantastic and talented improvisator, not only on the Guitar but also on the Piano! His improvisation skills cover a wide range of music. From classic over Jazz to sophisticated entertainment music.
  • He is author of numerous cycles of instrumental and vocal music:
    The vocal Cycle "Stanzas" to verses by Joseph Brodsky (composed for the broadcast "The City and His Citizens" at the state radio station in St. Petersburg), also vocal Cycles to verses of Marina Tzvetaeva, Evgenij Evtuschenko and many others.
  • The instrumental Cycles: "Sketches of Venice" (2000), and "The Carroussel of Your Dreams" (2003). (see the Discography).
  • The philosophy of his music is as follows: "I am against the academicism of classical music, but I am also against the vulgarity of the mass pop culture. I am simply for good and beautiful music!".
  • He offers his pieces to cinematography.
  • Evgeny Romantsov lives and works in Munich since 1999.
  • In the Season of 2005-2006 the artist celebrates the twentieth anniversary of his remarkable musical career. This season will be marked with some special concerts and a CD release.
  • 2006-2011: Several Concerts, new CD releases, active in various educational programmes.
  • "In the Year of 2011 Evgeny Romantsov will be away from the stage in order to concentrate fully on the educational activity and the one and only project of his life - the ultimate Guitar-Show, that will have a world premiere in the Year of 2012."
  • 2010: "Faszinierender Streifzug durch die Musikgeschichte" - Eva Thaller and Evgeny Romantsov gave a very successful concert in Monheim – read more from the "Augsbuger Allgemeine" Newspaper (only in German language).
  • 2012: The unique ultimate Guitar Show of Evgeny Romantsov thrills both – adults and kids among others in Gasteig in Munich and in St.Petersburg.
  • 2014: Evgeny opts for an extraordinary challenge - to present the masterpieces of classical music and his own compositions to a wider audience on several instruments. Evgeny plays guitar, piano, organ and harpsichord live in one concert. The new concert program and the presentation of a new CD "We will be saved by music" takes place in 2014 in Nymphenburg Palace in Munich.
  • 2015: After the indescribable success of his ultimate Guitar Show, the artist started to work at his next stage project "Farewell to ArTs..." - a program full of poetry, passion and, of course – music, that will fascinate and surprise his loyal audience in 2016 for sure...
  • Special Thanks to Daniel Williamson for his Translation